Home Networking Project 2021

So my friend Conrad will be coming for a visit in the near future and we are working on a home network project that should take things in our home to the next level. Working to setup all of the cat 6 in my place to run through an unmanaged switch and help me connect my mesh network through a wired backhaul to the service provider.

Still trying to decide on which system to use for the mesh network. Looking at several options. I wish Eero my current mesh had better PoE options - but they only have a proprietary option that is difficult.

Instead will look at netgear nighthawk mk83 - brand new as of March 2021 and does wired backhaul as well as PoE and WiFi 6. Also will be using a netgear unmanaged switch at my switch box to connect all of my wired connections in the home.