Heuer Camaro

I really like this vintage piece. It is a Heuer Camaro with a manual winding Valjoux 7733 movement.

Latest Watch: Hamilton PSR

So over Christmas I got a new watch and I really love it. Reminds me of when I was a kid. It is a Hamilton PSR and is a remake of tthe Pulsar Time Computer shown below.

New Doxa Watch

Just got my latest watch in the mail from an ebay auction. It is a Doxa anti-magnetic analog watch from the 1950s - really cool watch with a little wear and tear. Could be my smallest, thinnest watch ever! A first!

New Watch

So I just got a new watch a Seiko SSC015P. Really nice solar powered analog movement with chronograph. Keeps excellent time and has nice screw down pushers for the chronograph.

Thinking about putting a NATO type band that I have on it but so far I do like the stainless bracelet that it came with.