IU DLP BrownBag Discussion on HathiTrust Research Center

Today's IU DLP Brownbag Discussion will feature as a topic the HathiTrust Research Center. Our speaker Stacy Kowalczyk from the IU Data to Insight Center will show the work that is being done now for the HTRC prototype being developed by the HTRC which is a joint project of Indiana University, the University of Illinois, and the HathiTrust.

To see the live broadcast at 12pm eastern on April 4 go to this link - bit.ly/1PylC

To see the archived webcast go to the IU DLP Brownbag Series Site - http://www.dlib.indiana.edu/education/brownbags/

D2I Seminar Series - Illinois Research Data Initiative

Today's D2I Seminar is by old friend Beth Sandore Namachchivaya (See Beth's picture below) from the University of Illinois Libraries. She is speaking about the planning going into their Illinois Research Data Initiative at 4pm eastern today (March 26, 2012). For all of you who are not in Bloomington (if you are in Bloomington head over to Innovation Center (IC) Room 105, 2719 E 10th St, Bloomington, IN and join us) you can tune in live online using our wonderful adobe connect setup at : http://breeze.iu.edu/beth-sandore-2012/