Kuali OLE Functional Council Meets at Durham, NC

So this week I am in Durham, NC meeting with the Kuali OLE Functional Council and the JISC/OLE GOKb Steering Group. Yesterday, I got to go to Foster's Market and had a great brunch with my mom and my aunt (See pics). Last night, I went on a walk with Mike Winkler and we found some cool stuff in downtown Durham, including the old Chesterfield building (See pics) and the Fishmonger's Seafood Market. Later on we went to dinner with a huge group at Dos Perros (See pics).


Congratulations to Wheeler and Wilkin Named Chronicle Tech Innovators

Congratulations to friends and colleagues Brad Wheeler and John Wilkin who were both named Tech Innovator's by the Chronicle of Higher Education. I can't stress enough how even their own technology innovations have influenced areas that I am working in projects like the HathiTrust Research Center and Kuali OLE. Congratulations to Brad and John on their innovative work.

For more on the Chronicle coverage, please see


Google Doodle Honors Sound Pioneer Hertz

Today's google doodle honors 155th birthday of heinrich hertz who clarified and expanded the electromagnetic theory of light, paving the way for the invention of the telegraph, radio, and, later on, television.

See more on silicon republic - http://www.siliconrepublic.com/innovation/item/25905-google-doodle-applauds/

Or Google - http://www.google.com/webhp?hl=en#q=Heinrich+Rudolf+Hertz&ct=hertz-2011-hp&oi=ddle&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=f0b85e3c6de8b9f9&biw=1680&bih=989

Ohio and Indiana Launch Nation’s First 100 Gbps High-Speed State Research Networks By Connecting to Internet2’s 100 Gbps Network

New Networks To Advance Innovation, Research & Education, Medicine and Business

Ann Arbor, Mich.—Feb. 17, 2012—Internet2 today announced that Ohio and Indiana are the first states to launch a 100 gigabit per second (Gbps) research and education network by connecting to Internet2’s Advanced Layer 2 network--the first transcontinental 100 Gbps network in the world. The network serves as an innovation platform that connects higher education institutions throughout the world.

"Connecting to Internet2's 100 Gbps network and platform dramatically advances Indiana’s and Ohio’s ability to provide its researchers, students and educators with more advanced capabilities than anything available off campus,” said Dave Lambert, CEO and President, Internet2. “Over the past 30 years, the creation and evolution of the Internet and the information economy is directly linked to investments at leading American research universities, and the creation of some of the most successful global companies, like Cisco, Google and Facebook. I look forward to seeing the next innovations to advance education, healthcare, and the global economy.”

For more information about Ohio’s ten-fold boost to their broadband network, go to http://www.oar.net/press/releases/2012/2012_100G.shtml

To learn about Indiana’s new ultra-high speed network, go to http://newsinfo.iu.edu/news/page/normal/21069.html

About Internet2

Internet2 ®, created and led by U.S. research universities, is one of the worldʼs most advanced networking consortia for global researchers and scientists, who develop breakthrough Internet technologies and applications, and spark tomorrowʼs essential innovations. Internet2 consists of more than 350 U.S. universities; corporations; government agencies; laboratories; higher learning; other major national, regional and state research and education networks; and organizations.


Kuali Open Library Environment on Educause Live Archive

The Kuali Open Library Environment (OLE) has just completed its first year of building a community-source library management system. Supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and part of the Kuali Foundation, the Kuali OLE project is one of the largest academic library software collaborations in the United States. Our community of nine research libraries is working together to build the first open-source system designed by and for academic and research libraries for managing and delivering intellectual information. We’ll discuss the challenges and opportunities discovered in our first year and offer insight into our design and collaborative methodologies. Finally, we’ll review our first code release and our roadmap for future releases.

For Full Archived Session: http://net.educause.edu/LIVE1202

VMWare announces CloudFoundry

All of you who know Rod Johnson and the Spring framework, were probably not surprised at today's announcement by VMWare of their new CloudFoundry - http://www.cloudfoundry.com/. I have signed up for an account and want to see how I can leverage this for use with some of my open source applications.