50 Wise Speakers Project by Phil Venditti

If you have not heard about this it is really a cool story. Phil Venditti teaches public speaking and he took a sabatical from his day job at Clover Park Technical College in Washington state to create this group of 50 videos of prominent public speakers. These are now open content for use with many different types of classes for this subject. There is a great piece on this at Creative Commons http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/42373 but you can check out the videos on Phil's YouTube Channel.

New Doxa Watch

Just got my latest watch in the mail from an ebay auction. It is a Doxa anti-magnetic analog watch from the 1950s - really cool watch with a little wear and tear. Could be my smallest, thinnest watch ever! A first!

New Watch

So I just got a new watch a Seiko SSC015P. Really nice solar powered analog movement with chronograph. Keeps excellent time and has nice screw down pushers for the chronograph.

Thinking about putting a NATO type band that I have on it but so far I do like the stainless bracelet that it came with.